Kitchen extract cleaning 

A regular maintenance schedule of the Kitchen canopy, filters and ductwork and extract fan are important. 
It is important to not only to consider the hygiene and continued business considerations, but the legal implications if the system is not cleaned and maintained then the building owner could be guilty of potential legal implications hygiene and continued business considerations there are potential legal implications to consider.  
If for example fire investigators found that there were no access doors in the ductwork, making it impossible to clean, then the building owner could be guilty of negligence and face prosecution under the Health & Safety (Offences) Act 2009. Whilst the canopies and filters are easily accessible for regular cleaning by catering staff. The ductwork is not always be as easily accessible. 
We can determine the frequency of cleaning required based on the hours per day the kitchen is operational and the type of food being cooked. Along with a simple WFTT ( Wet film thickness test ). 
From a site survey we can determine the route of the ductwork and provide a drawing to show the route of the ductwork to its discard point, this should be made accessible to the fire safety officer if required in an emergency. 
We can fit access panels as required to be able to clean the ductwork efficiently. 
We clean to TR19 standard. This standard also indicates a recommended frequency of cleaning dependant on the number of hours per day the kitchen is operational. Once cleaned a certificate will be produced to verify compliance with Health & Safety obligations & Insurance requirements including before and after photos. 

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